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Banking and Finance Sector, Securitization, Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code

Arbitration and Conciliation

Land & Revenue, Land Acquisition

Consumer Protection, Negotiable Instrument

Company and Corporate Law, merger & acquisition

Service & Labour matters

Writ petitions

Title Clearance & Documentation

Tax matter, Customs & Excise


Trade Mark & Patent

Maritime & admiralty


Port Trust Act, IP Act, Copyright and counseling & retainer

About Moson Le Exparts

Moson Le Exparts is a team of advocates. They are committed and experts in their own way to advocate and provide the solutions of the problems in positive and realistic way. Moson Le’ions believes that every problem have its solution too, and can be sorted out with peace of mind. It helps us to achieve our commitments.

Moson Le’ions are more committed to provide the practical solutions for the legal problems within the parameter of rules and regulations globally. Practical solutions for Moson Le’ions are possible as because they always update themselves with current research and amendment. They connect themselves with ground level and walk hand in hand with time.

Moson Le’ions has explored every means of modern technology and communications to do their work in organized way. This has made them to reduce time, energy and labour, which in turn has increased the productivity, quality and accuracy of all Moson Le’ions. This has been achieved by constant grinding training sessions and hunger to excel.

Moson Le’ions are very much passionate about their work as they believe that the advocacy is a noble profession of civilized society and for the civilized society. This fact itself motivates Moson Le’ions to live-up with the standards of this profession which are left by our predecessor (antecedent).

Moson Le’ions believe as the advocates are doctor of society and help to establish a civilize society and only they can fight with illegal and antisocial elements. Struggle of independence is the best example of it.

Moson Le’ions believes in Jurisprudence, therefore, their endeavour is the advocacy with morals, applicability and practicability. If Moson Le’ions knows their rights simultaneously, they are very much aware about their duties.

Moson Le’ions are made of honestly, integrity, loyalty, discipline and dedication

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